Welcome to the website of:

"Bright Future Education Foundation"

Established in St. Maarten, April 15th 2002

Children are our future. The prosperity of a nation depends critically on education and the foundation of education lies elementary school education.

Obstacles such as inconvenience in transportation, lack of funding, or labor shortages in some families often deprive many school-age children their rights to receive education. Hence, Cyrillon and Melvina Stapleton {St. Maartener’s, have established a charitable Foundation named Bright Future Education Foundation (SXM) St. Maarten.

Bright Future Education Foundation is a non-profit, non-political organization, which relies solely on the support of people from all walks of life who care’s about our children educations.

The objectives of this Foundation are:

  • Assisting children with homework and projects
  • Promoting of the Mental and Physical Education and formation of children

Bright Future Education Foundation hopes that, through promotion in the media and the web, more and more people would join in the efforts to improve our children’s education on St. Maarten. Let’s work together to build a better St. Maarten and a brighter future for our leaders of tomorrow.

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